Production plants enhance the process of construction within the company. Due to them it is easier to maintain high quality of products and constructions, the coordination of parallel tasks is simpler and better synchronized in the implementation of signed agreements.


Modern and well-organized production of prefabricated elements enables rapid construction of prefabricated buildings

Metal constructions

Experienced team of people executes fabrication and erection of steel works and sheet metal elements that meet top quality standard in the Euorepean Union

Concrete products

Production process of vibro-pressed concrete is fully automated and computerized


Asphalt bases produce asphalt mass of high quality


Gemax is one of the biggest producer of fresh concrete mass in the region

Separated gravel

Separation plant produces separated river stone aggregates that can be used for making concrete of high quality features

PVC joinery

PVC exterior joinery plant is well known on the markets in Belgrade, Serbia and Republika Srpska

Carpenter’s productions

Carpenter plant is specialized in making carpentry and equipping exclusive interiors