Gemax Today

Djordjo AnteljGemax was one of the first private construction companies in Serbia. It grew into a recognizable brand in the entire region and built a reputation in all project development and construction jobs during last 20 years. Thanks to the constructional approach set by the founder, Đorđo Antelj, Gemax gained a leading position in the market.

This kind of approach became a key for success and it referred to continuous application of most rigorous professional and ethical standards, employment of highly qualified personnel, use of modern technology and innovation in technical and aesthetic aspects of business.

Over the years Gemax has invested in the latest construction equipment and tools, especially in professional development of 300 employees who achieve extraordinary results.

The company operates on the following principles:

  • to protect and always create a sense of security for ourselves and others
  • our construction is meant for next generations, because we have children too
  • we strive for achieving the vision and express the desire for new projects, new buildings that will be our symbol and our pride
  • as we firmly hold to ones honor, our work represents the honor of the builders and their future generations
  • our constructions must not oppose the nature and should not cause pride - language barriers among workers of Babylon tower were certainly not the only reason why it was never built

UniversiadeGemax vision is for construction to be in harmony with the environment, modern in every aspect, a link among diverse nations, construction that will be contemporary for next generations who will inherit it.

Company's mission is to express creativity in the construction field - a professional, permanent, universal, and visionary. Our commitment is the future - honourable, dignified, protected and secured.

Gemax is a leader in project development, execution and engineering in civil engineering construction (infrastructure, sport facilities, slope protection, reclamation) and building construction (residential, house building, commercial and industrial buildings, steel and concrete halls and warehouses, buildings with special purpose, interiors).

Gemax is able to build complex objects which fulfil highest international standards at competitive prices Due to years of significant experience, availability of technical-technological-informational resources and its own large production capacity,.

All structures that the company has built have unique aesthetics and functionality perfectly blended with tradition and modern technology. Many of them have become modern symbols of our country. Among the most prominent buildings are Porsche group in Serbia, the factory "Doncafe", building of TV station "Pink", central office "UniCredit Bank", infrastructure in building "Usce Mall" and Olympic village for the 2009 Universiade, as well as all METRO Cash & Carry Serbia buildings. For the construction of METRO Cash & Carry distribution center in Krnjaca, Gemax got reward for the most efficient construction project: building with parking and complete infrastructure was built in only 74 days, which is a unique record.

GEMAX is and will be - always and everywhere - MODERN CONSTRUCTION.