Honest relationship with every business partner and eagerness to face new challenges contributed to numerous awards Gemax received. They serve as an acknowledgment that Djordjo Antelj with his approach to construction, innovation and humanity, leads Gemax into the best direction.

Quality award1991.
- Pink Grand Prix Award from the city of Belgrade for reconstruction of Radnicka Street

- Certificate from Serbian Chamber of Commerce for economy improvement

- City of Belgrade Commercial Award Winner from Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

- Great Charter for Restorer from City of Belgrade Secretariat for Environmental Protection

- Serbian Patriarch Pavle Donor Gramata regarding participation in action "Breathe Life to Serbia "
- The "Leader of small business" Award by the Institute for Development Small and Medium Enterprises
- The "Businessman of the Year" Award by the Belgrade Business Journalist 

- Patron-donor Memorial Temple of Saint Sava on Vracar - Serbian Patriarch Pavle Award
- Patron-donor of Saint Luka church
- Patron-donor of Pec Patriarchy
- Charter of the Institute for the development of small and medium enterprises for recognition of the promotion contribution and improvement of entrepreneurship development in Serbia

Metro award2004.
- "Business partner 2004." Award by Mass Media International
- Captain Misa Anastasijevic Charter the best entrepreneurs in Serbia in 2004 by the Media Invent-a

- RECORD TIME Award for construction for record time by the company METRO Cash&Carry
- Silver medal for culture and quality of construction enterprise and the implementation by International Academy of Computer Science and System from Kiev, Ukraine

- Order of St. Sava level II for contribution to the construction progress of Memorial Temple of Saint Sava in Vracar by the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian Patriarch Pavle
- Certificate and statue of International Quality ERA Award GOLD - International recognition for quality works and services in the international congress in Geneva, by the BID Business Initiative Direction

- Court Purveyor Title of His Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II

- Annual Captain Misa Anastasijevic Awards - donor, given by Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

- Porsche Holding Award for lucrative cooperation

- Recognition "Company which marked the decade"  and Tsar Dusan`s Golden Coin awarded by the Club of Industrial Journalists of the Republic of Serbia

- Annual Award of Serbian Chamber of Commerce for industrial development and improvement

King award